Frontal Bone Quiz


I Frequently make little quizzes for myself. Simply typing the questions and answers helps immensely and adds a level of realism to my studying. These quizzes I post are usually on for the simplicity they offer.    Unfortunately, forces you to sign up, its free and well worth it. If you see a proprofs quiz, DO NOT enter your name where it asks for it when the quiz starts. That all shows on my screen and I have no business seeing what you are doing. I cant figure a way around this, I’m truly sorry about that. If you enter “A” for the first name and “A” for the last name, it will blend in with a thousand of the ones I take over and over again.

Sometimes I will focus solely on studying for longer period, others times I will take a few quizzes and do something non-school related for 15 minutes or so, then do a few more. Here is one I just made for the A&P 1 section I am working through now. I will have several more for the skull, spine, ribs soon. I hope you enjoy them and they help you as much as they help me.

Matching Quiz Frontal Bones –

Multiple Choice Quiz –

Posterior Skull Exterior – Quiz Proprofs.Com



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